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Lifelong karting at the best price.

Karting friends for life? 
Only go karting 10 times in your life? That's not really your plan. You like racing, speed, excitement, in short, the INKART circuit is your natural biotope. We have created the INKART LIFE LICENSE especially for you, so that you can always experience karting sensations at the bottom rate, for the rest of your life. Choosing the INKART LIFE LICENSE is a no-brainer. After all, in the coming years we will find you more than 10 times on the INKART circuit. That requires a favor of friends. For a one-off contribution of € 24 you now pay € 16.50 for a karting session, which is no less than 25% cheaper than the normal rate, and that forever!

YEAR LICENSE karting benefits. 
With an INKART LIFE LICENSE you enjoy for a lifetime: 

  • Karting sessions at € 16.50 (compared to € 22 normal) 

  • You go straight and flat out to the starting grid thanks to lightning fast registration

  • Extra “members-only” promotions and discounts, delivered directly to your mailbox and via social media

This is how karting fun is guaranteed: 

  • Always book your session via 03/8661819 and online soon. 

  • Check here how little we are closed. 

  • Relax on the slopes thanks to this practical information.