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Team karting for persistent.

Your tailor-made Karting Endurance. 
In Le Mans it takes 24 hours, at INKART you choose yourself. Driving in teams of 2, 3 or more drivers, you decide. Experience racing sensations for one, two or many more hours, the choice is yours. We guarantee you one thing, and that is that every minute will be 100% enjoyable.

Team spirit on the track. 
The INKART Event Manager guides you and your guests from pole to podium. First, he gives an extensive briefing, so that everyone will soon be confident behind the wheel. Then it's up to the teams. Defining a strategy together, planning pit stops and refueling, sharing tips and of course supporting, that is team building mark II. Under the direction of the Event Manager, the track marshalls ensure that everything runs perfectly and safely.


The outrigger wins! 
An INKART Karting Endurance stands for lots and lots of fun karting. We build up with a qualifying session and then the real race starts. The teams with the best combination of stamina, tactics and quick changes will soon be on the Petronas stage for the ceremonial celebration. Stop? Indeed, it will undoubtedly fly when the Champagne pops. Can't stand it anymore and want to know more immediately? Request your quote here, or call us on 03/8661819. 

Don't forget, participants in an INKART Karting Endurance must be at least 16 years old!