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Measuring in an inspiring context

When you think of racing, you think of teams, organization and technology. At INKART we think of just the same thing when we prepare everything for your next meeting, presentation or kick-off meeting. A team of 10 or more than 300 people? No problem. Organization? That goes without saying. Technic? We provide a beamer, screen, audio amplification with wireless microphone and WiFi. We got the inspiration for the design of our spaces at major race events. Your next business meeting at INKART is sure to be a success. Contact us today at 03/8661819. Or request your quote here.



Work hard, play hard 

After intense meetings, you can also have intense fun. Combine your meeting with karting sessions. You can find everything about karting for adults on this page, but of course we are also happy to help you on 03/8661819. Would you rather go straight to the debriefing? In our Refuel Food & Drinks you can enjoy a nice after-dinner drink with a nibble. More is also possible. Lunch, extensive dining or barbecuing, Refuel Food & Drinks offers it all.