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Grand Prix


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Experience a karting big prize together.

Your own top racing event. 
Roaring engines, screeching tires and the thrill of a race. At INKART you do not experience it as a spectator, but experience it yourself. We organize an exclusive karting Grand Prix especially for you and your guests, in true Imola style.


VIPS behind the wheel. 
You and your guests are our VIPS, and you will notice it. Our INKART Event Manager will first give you an extensive briefing. In it, he not only tells you what you are going to experience, he also explains the safety regulations and gives lots of tips about cornering technology, the ideal line and the correct steering techniques. During your Grand Prix, everyone enters the track with confidence to experience karting racing sensation in complete safety.


Your Grand Prix will be great! 
This event is the real thing. Warm-ups, qualifications and races, just like in Formula 1, we ensure a seamless course of your program. From start to finish, you and your guests are guided by the Event Manager and his team of experienced track Marshalls. We end with a smashing stage. The winners will receive their trophy, including a real Champagne shower. Totally won for this spectacular corporate event? Request your quote here or call us on 03/8661819. 

Don't forget, participants in an INKART Grand Prix must be at least 16 years old!