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Race Cup


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Unique karting parties!

The race is ours! 
Want to celebrate your last hours as a bachelor with a sensational bachelor party? Would you like to hold another competition with your sports club or association? A Fun party with your friends? We are happy to reserve the INKART circuit exclusively for you. Racing together in a top kart, that's bonding squared. Split the stage? Then the fun continues at INKART Refuel. Snacks, Drinks, BBQs, and Much More! We have a suitable formula for every occasion.

Race parties for racing animals. 
Everyone has cleared the job especially for you. Get ready to compete in a real race cup with your group. First we ride a qualifying session to determine the starting grid. It is called knowing which meat is in the tub. If you have opted for the formula with a BBQ, you will soon also know which meat is on the grill. Catch your breath again? Then get ready for the final, time to race at full speed, of course with a real F1 start. Whoever wins the cup gives a round.


Race cup formulas fixed in no time. 


  • Race Cups are available for groups of 12 to 20 people. 

  • The INKART circuit exclusively reserved for your races. 

  • Includes racing overalls and homologated disinfected helmet for each driver. 

  • Briefing before the start, responsible and confident karting for everyone. 

  • Your cup of tea: make your choice now! More info can be found here

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