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Racetips: Fast & Safe!


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INKART Safety Rules


Karting, having fun in complete safety, is done with respect for man and machine. 

  • Respect the INKART track Marshalls, they watch over your safety. 

  • Respect the other drivers, they take care of the FUN. 

  • Respect the karts. Those who collide will receive a warning, those who collide a lot must stop. 

  • Respect and know the rules.


You hit the track in a high-tech SODI kart, designed to provide a safe ultimate racing experience. Also consider your personal protection and wear suitable clothing. We provide a real racing overall and helmet. 

  • Sturdy footwear, no flip-flops or heels. 

  • No scarves or other vestimentary streamers. 

  • No flowing hair

Be Smart

Use your common sense and don't endanger yourself or others. Watch, think and act when necessary and in that order. 

  • Do not walk the edges in the pits and stay on the provided paths. 

  • The circuit is for driving, never stop there

  • If you do stand still on the track, NEVER get out, but swing your arms.

Karting Race Tips.

Getting ready

The preparation is half the podium. Get behind the wheel of your kart like a pro and get into a perfect position. Those who want to follow you will have to do their best. 

  • Grab the steering wheel or seat with at least one hand, put your right foot on the bottom plate and sit down. 

  • Adopt a relaxed position. The distance to the handlebars is ideal when your arms are slightly bent. Also ensure a comfortable fold in your legs. 

  • Put your hands loosely around the steering wheel, in the middle, at a quarter to three and be nice. It is better not to squeeze or wring and take over as we do not in the car.

Going faster

You learn karting by doing. With these practical tips from our pros, you too will soon be driving even faster sessions full of karting racing sensations. The trick is in the curves and you take them like this: 

  • Slow in - Fast out, so you take a corner in a controlled manner. What does that mean? That you don't always have to accelerate. To go fast you have to brake. Do it on time, short and sweet, and before the turn. So when your wheels are still straight ahead. You accelerate after the corner. The smaller the steering moment, the more speed you maintain! 

  • Outside - inside - outside. And we don't mean driving from the outdoor to the indoor circuit. Find the ideal line and go from the outside of the track to the inside of the corner and then to the outside of the track again.

  • To push. You guide your kart through the corners better and faster when you push the steering wheel instead of pulling it. A go-kart has no wings, so take off is not possible anyway.

Ready to go karting? 

Then book your session right away. This can be done online or by telephone on 03/8661819. You can find our price list here. Have you just wanted to experience the racing spirit? Our Refuel Food & Drinks is happy to welcome you for a fresh pint or a delicious lunch or dinner.