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Everything about INKART karting rates.

Nice long karting. 
Karting gives you a tremendous sense of speed. It is also an intensive experience for body and mind. An INKART session contains the right balance between healthy exercise and maximum pleasure. A session lasts 12 minutes for adults and juniors, and 10 minutes for kids. That's a lot of FUN. After a short break, nothing stands in the way of going on the track again.

Super safe racing. 
We aim to give young and old racing sensations responsibly. Safety has been the number 1 priority at INKART since 1994. That is why the following categories never ride together on the track, without exception! 

  • Adults (+16 years old) 

  • Juniors (Under 16 years old, taller than 1m65 and over 55 kg) 

  • Children (Older than 6 years old, and taller than 1m20)


Affordable karting fun 
INKART gives you value for money! Your session price includes the use of a real racing overall and a homologated and disinfected helmet. Not only is that safe, it will also look good on you when you take that photo for your Instagram! Choose your number of sessions and book now.


When karting is your life! 
Do you count carts before going to sleep? Do you see them driving instead of flying? Welcome to the club. Take extra advantage of your love for karting and sign for life, karting that is.



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